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Press-vacuum drying chamber PVSK-3 28-72 for wood
  • Press-vacuum drying chamber PVSK-3 28-72 for wood

Press-vacuum drying chamber PVSK-3 28-72 for wood

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Products: Press - vacuum drying chamber PVSK - 3 28 - 72 buy price from the producer Russia, Bashkortostan.

Drying time, h, up to 6% moisture content PVSK - 3 28 - 72

Press - vacuum drying chamber, designed for drying coniferous and deciduous sawn timber in vacuum, with electric heating of the carrier in automatic mode up to furniture humidity of 6 - 8% . It is possible to obtain humidity up to 0% . Heating is carried out by special flat heaters, which are placed between the layers of lumber. Compression of the laid package is carried out by atmospheric pressure through a rubber diaphragm with a force of up to 8000 kg. per square meter, which provides good thermal contact with the heaters and prevents warping of the lumber during the drying process. The heating temperature, the intensity of the sound waves and the vacuum are selected in such a way that the removed moisture, moving along the fibers, does not create stresses,

Color change and thermal modification of wood is carried out according to an additional program. At the end of drying, antiseptic and fire - prevention impregnation of the material can be carried out both in the chamber and outside it.

Wood rectified from wood has subsequent industrial application.

Scope: woodworking and furniture production of various profiles. Service conditions category UHL4 according to GOST 15150 - 69.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 24.08.2021

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