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Automatic equipment cabinets
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Automatic equipment cabinets

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Automatic equipment cabinets

In upper part of a cabinet of management the kotroller of МПР - 51(Ш9329А), the button, switches and indicator tubes are located manovakkumetr in the center. From above a cabinet the button of an emergency shut - down is installed. The call of loud fight * is located on the right wall of a cabinet (upon the demand of the customer). Connecting connectors are installed in the lower part of a back wall. The digital pressure sensor is installed in a cabinet of management. Other elements of a cabinet (the relay, actuators, the power supply unit) are located in average and lower parts of a cabinet. In a cabinet the electronic circuit of switching and the alarm system is collected, the cabinet is locked.

Device and work of a kotroller of MPR - 51Shch.

Depending on the program final - control relays of the controller carry out the following tasks. At the same time the first PID - regulator "Heating" uses the second relay, the second Vacuum PID - regulator uses the fourth relay. In this case the first relay switches temperature of 60 degrees and the third relay manages the pump at discharge of 20 kPa. also can be used for a conclusion to them of output signals from comparators.

The signal from sensors of humidity is return coupling of the processes happening in wood and via the logic device arrives on the controller which compares to the put program of drying and gives permission upon transition on steps.

The fifth ACCIDENT relay automatically becomes isolated at emergency.

Parameters of programs include the parameters relating directly to the program (H01 and H02) and parameters of comparators - c01 … c10 (see enc. ).

  • By means of the H01 parameter the number of steps of the program is set.
  • By means of the H02 parameter creation of cycles is possible. Cycles can consist of several steps, for example, at the organization of a daily operation period when drying an oak.

Each step of the program is described by three groups of parameters.

  • The first group of the n01 parameters … n08 (see enc. D) sets operating modes of the transistor keys working from the internal timer for control of the 3kh - running crane, the mode of final drying and ventilation of the camera.
  • The second group of the Y01 parameters … Y05 sets transition conditions from one step to another by data from humidity sensors.
  • Third group of the E01 parameters … E05 (E.01.. . E.05) sets installations for 1 (2nd) regulators of management of heating and vacuum.

Conditions of transition to the following step depending on value of input parameters of T it is dry, humidity, vacuum. Temperature and humidity in relation to their installations are set by the Y02 parameter. Installation of temperature (or humidity) on reaching which there will be a transition to the following step, is set by the Y03 parameter. Time of duration of a step is set by the Y04 and Y05 parameters. The greatest possible installation for hours - 63 hours, and for minutes - 59 minutes.

The input value of the regulator is set by the E01 parameters (for the 1st regulator) and E.01 (for the 2nd regulator).

Installation of an input value of 1 (2nd) regulators is set by the E02 (E.02) parameters - the whole part, E03 (E.03) - fractional part.

Speed of an exit of a controlled variable to installation is set by the E04 (E.04) parameters - value of speed of an exit to installation; E05 (E.05) - a speed sign (positive - growth of an input value, negative - decrease in an input value)

Programs of management can be created with different number of steps. As memory size is limited, provided a rigid order of a storage break - down, the technologist who is taken away for programs: the more the number of steps in the program, the are less number of possible programs and vice versa. Therefore the maximum number of steps should be defined in advance, at a stage of preparation of the device for work, the main routine is broken into 10 steps. For receiving thermowood three more steps are added.

Preservation of values of the current parameters in case of failures in operation of the feed source by a voltage of 220 V is provided in the device. The behavior of the device after emergence of the gone tension is regulated by the o07 parameter (see enc. ):

  • continuation of implementation of the program from the moment of power supply loss (o07 = 001);
  • emergency shut - down with relay actuation 5th "ACCIDENT" (o07 = 002);
  • not emergency shut - down - transition to the STOP mode (o07 = 003).
Information is up-to-date: 24.08.2021

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