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LLC "M-Impulse" works in the field of innovative technologies, automation of technological processes of small enterprises, system integration, new technological processes for the processing of industrial waste and their disposal in pyrolysis chambers, without the release of combustion products into the atmosphere. Press for vacuum drying of wood, its thermal, mechanical and chemical modification, removal of phenols and creation of chemically pure materials, artificial staining, drying of slabs, impregnation and carbonization of composite carbon fiber materials.

The pyrolysis chambers we produce allow us to obtain pyrolysis gas from industrial waste (rubber, plastic, plastic, and other household waste), condense it into liquid fuel, without emitting combustion products into the atmosphere. Press vacuum drying chambers PVSK, refer to vacuum power plants, the most economical, energy-saving, modern, designed for woodworking and furniture industry, other types of industry, with a discharge of -80 kPa, with a volume of up to 10 cubic meters, where impregnation, drying, steaming, sterilization is required and heat treatment. The camera body is made of stainless steel. Works in automatic mode. Wood rectified and light bio-fractions obtained in the process of drying in liquid form have subsequent industrial application. The technical conditions for the equipment have been developed. No. 3836-001-46767285-2007, Reg. No. 001451 dated April 13, 2007, registered by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, the Orekhovo-Zuevsky branch of the FSI Mendeleevsky TsSM, revised and corrected in accordance with GOST 2.114-95. In 2017, significant changes were made by the manufacturer and developer of the TU - M-Impulse LLC in the change registration sheet, there is a quality certificate of the EAEU Customs Union No.RU D-RU VYa01.B.21203, until 26.03.2021, Patent No. 78911-2008.

Developed and manufactured climatic, utilization pyrolysis equipment, press vacuum equipment, hazardous technological, medical and industrial waste with a discharge of 30 mm. rt. Art. with a temperature of heating substances up to 150 degrees, without the release of products and drying gases into the atmosphere. Heating elements 1500 x 3000 x 7 mm, with heating temperatures up to 250 degrees. Automation cabinets and electronic control devices for climatic, pyrolysis and vacuum drying chambers. Supply of components for evacuation and thermally regulating equipment.

In terms of technical and quality parameters, the mobile press-vacuum drying chamber PVSK of our production surpasses the best vacuum chambers, chambers of the traditional method of drying sawn timber and belongs to environmentally friendly equipment of European quality with Russian components. One chamber PVSK-6T allows drying 5 cubic meters of conifers in 1 day, - up to 70 cubic meters per month. lumber 54 mm thick, with an initial moisture content of at least 50%, up to a moisture content of 6%, without defects and high quality.
Since 2017, significant design changes have been made to the manufactured equipment, improving the quality of the material obtained, increasing the operational reliability of the equipment, the chamber, pipelines, receivers are made of stainless steel, the software has been expanded and updated. Reliable drainage and drainage of condensate is automated. Since 2019, the PVSK chambers, at the request of the customer, can be equipped with a mechanism for loading and unloading heating plates.



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