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The technology of drying, impregnation, stabilization, thermomodification of wood, processing of other materials, graphics and tables is transferred together with the equipment to the customer! Upon acceptance of the equipment, the operator is trained in the correct operation of the equipment and wood drying technology. It is forbidden to operate the thermal chamber PVSK by an unprepared operator.
Every year, significant design and technical features are introduced into the design of the chamber:
2016 year.
- the design of the docking sockets of the heaters has been changed,
- increased length and changed the pitch of the heating element,
- changed the discharge of passive and active condensate.
2017 year.
- the design of the drain receiver and the position of the drain valve have been changed,
- added protection against overheating of the camera,
- Added a sensor for measuring the temperature of wood.
2018 year.
- the design of the camera body has been changed.
- Replaced the check valve in the drain system with a 2-way valve.
- the program for drying oak has been improved.
2019 year.
- Changes have been made to the moisture measurement circuit.
- Now it is possible to equip the chamber with a mechanism for loading heating elements.
- At the request of the customer, the body of the chamber bath can be made of stainless steel.
2020 year.
- All chambers are made of stainless steel.
- Changed the algorithm of thermalization and protection against pyrolysis.
Changes are made based on the results of operation, improving the quality of the material and increasing the reliability of the equipment, the software has been improved. Since 2019, at the request of the customer, the chambers can be equipped with a heater loading mechanism, which will reduce the physical costs when loading and unloading the PVSK chamber.



التكنولوجيا M-Impuls, OOO روسيا, ALL.BIZ: روسيا